MRI – the pain in the lane !

Doctor Christian Merettig is one of the few German orthopaedic specialists who has the additional qualification: Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The modern imaging diagnostic procedure is used to confirm the causes such as a disc disease or meniscus injury. With the help of the MRI, the affected part of the body is brought into a strong magnetic field. This stimulates the tissue to emit measurable signals. The magnetic waves are registered and processed into an image with the help of a powerful computer. In contrast to the X-ray or Computertomography, there is no radiation exposure! In principle, the MRI examination is low-risk. People who are afraid in narrow rooms (claustrophobia) can be relieved by medication to lie in the MRI tube for almost 15 minutes. The method is not suitable for people who wear a pacemaker or have certain metals in their bodies, such as an artificial heart valve, artificial joints, osteosynthesis screws or vascular clips. The MRI will be arranged for you at short notice. There are virtually no waiting times, you will receive an appointment within two days.