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Dear patients, as an orthopaedic practise we offer all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of modern orthopaedics. I would like to introduce you to some specialised forms and procedures of Therapy. You may access the contents through the following links.



The magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), or so called nuclear spin, is a diagnostic procedure that has been increasingly implemented during the past years due to its excellent significance and imaging power. In contrast to X-rays and computer tomography, no rays are applied. The body part subject to examination is subjected to a strong magnetic field which stimulates the tissue into transmitting measurable signals.


Those are then registered and transformed into an image with the aid of sophisticated calculations and high-performance computers. In comparison to X-rays, the image of the body is not “photographed”, but “calculated” instead. Here is the advantage of this method:


Section of the body can be “cut into slices” electronically. This enables the high-resolution, three-dimensional representation of the internal body which in turn provides far more information than other examination methods. The entire soft tissue structures, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, menisci, cartilage, fluid and especially intervertebral discs are optimally displayed.



Prevention protects from potential ailments

Early recognition and prevention is the best method to avoid potentially serious ailments. Every third woman in the menopausal stage is affected by bone structure deficiencies (so called osteoporosis). Based on the guidelines of the Umbrella Organisation for Osteology (DVO), the preventive examination is recommended for all women over 60 years of age, women under 60 with one or more risk factors, all men and women suffering bone fractures without indication of adequate trauma in their previous history, for metabolic bone ailments (morbus, paget disease, rheumatoid arthritis) and long-term cortisone-therapy (for example in asthma patients). The DXA-bone density test (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry, German: Doppelröntgenabsorptiometrie), is the safest preventive measure examination and the current „Gold-Standard“, according to the DVO guidelines. The bone density is tested in two different locations (lumbar spine and femoral neck). This low-radiation method only takes approximately 10 minutes. Dr. Merettig and Dr. Stöber can also arrange this examination at the diagnostic centre on Emser Platz.



Supporting sports medicine physician for the ELIXIA fitness chain on Prager Platz ( Exercise analysis and –recommendations, introduction to personal trainers, sports-medical preventive examination of the musculoskeletal system.

Treatment of sports injuries and stress syndrome. Exercise capability examinations for adults and children.Entry-examinations for sports clubs and fitness centres.
Endurance-sports consulting (triathlon, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.). Sports specific consulting (tennis, golf, fitness, soccer, basketball, diving, etc.). Sports equipment consulting (sport shoes, tennis racquets, rollerblades, bicycles, etc.).

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